Monday, May 21, 2018

A Little Kindness Please....

I wrote this blog post in my head as I was driving to work and then I spent most of the day scheduling social media for Leadership Knoxville, Intro Knox, and Connect Knox and many of the posts revolved around the LK18 Lead with Kindness Initiative and their week of kindness happening in June. It's funny when my personal thoughts overlap with the work day in this way.

As I left for work today, I forgot Lyons View Pike was closed this morning and I am guessing that I wasn't the only one because there was a weird traffic jam on Northshore Drive trying to get to the interstate.

As far as I could tell, most of the cars were in the same situation and just trying to regroup and get to work. I say regroup because if anyone is like me, they and their car are on auto-pilot and the car automatically hangs a right onto Lyon's View to head downtown.

As we headed for the interstate ramp, there was a truck that drove the length of Northshore from Kingston Pike almost to the ramp with his blinker on just trying to merge right and no one would let him over. There were ample opportunities for folks in the right lane to see this truck and yet, he almost didn't get to merge. It was like the cars ahead of me were purposefully not letting him in.

Why not let the man merge?

It's Monday. We're all tired. We just want school to be out because these last weeks are so disruptive. We wanted to stay in bed instead of get up and get to work. I understand but it's no reason not to let the man merge.

I watched this behavior on the interstate too. People trying to merge left so they head downtown and not to the by-pass. I saw people trying to merge right to head toward 275 and cars not making room or adjusting.

Why can't we be kind to one another?

It sounds silly but kindness isn't just buying a coffee or donating to charity or using our manners. It would be a great act of kindness to let folks merge on the interstate.

Are we mad at the man trying to merge because he's trying to merge? Did he wait too late? Should he have been more aggressive? Are we literally just completely unaware of the man in the truck with the blinker?

What is the reasoning behind not letting him over?

And why can't we be kind?

This morning, I was frustrated but I've been thinking about kindness for a good bit of the day and I don't think all is lost.

Can we be kind?

I think we can. I think we can change our thoughts to look for ways to be kind. In fact, I know that we can do it. I know that we can change our ways to be kind every day - in all situations.

Letting the man merge is a great place to start. :)

See you on the roads! K

Sunday, April 22, 2018

TGIF, Weekends, and Technology! Oh My!

For so many years, I would laugh when people would give the ol' TGIF and praise the weekend. In my two previous tenures with KTC, I didn't have a weekend because I worked most Saturdays and then spent Sunday cleaning up loose ends from Saturday. I hardly ever took a day off so the concept of leaving work behind for two whole days was totally foreign to me.

Truth be told, if you have kids, you don't really ever get a weekend because you are on call 24/7 but that's a discussion for another day.

Now that I've been out of the weekend events world for a year, I understand this amazing concept that is the weekend and I am hooked. I'm hooked not because I don't like my current job but because I get two full days to spend with my #altmanboys and focus on being mommy and trying to prepare us for the week ahead. Side note - if I ever do get back into full-time event planning, I fully understand the necessity of taking real/full days off for sanity and recharging and life.
Weekdays and weekends are still crazy for us and there are some weekends where the kids get along well and I end it feeling accomplished and there are others when I want to sleep on the deck just because I can't take any more arguing and I am drowning in laundry and things to do.

Each weekend brings special moments but this weekend was exceptional. 

We went to Ooltewah on Friday afternoon where we spent time with my grandparents and my sister and her youngest. We sat on the porch in rocking chairs while the kids went crazy and we caught up on life. 

For anyone following social, you saw that Jackson ran his first official 5K yesterday. I'm beyond proud. And I am beyond grateful to Dr. Sears who has taken care of our boy since he was 7 days old and made it possible for Jackson to walk and run like other kiddos.

After the race, we visited with my grandparents for a bit and headed back here to trim the hedges as well as mow the lawn and get laundry started. We ended the day with dinner on the deck and then snuggles on the sofa.

Today was like a week in one day. Altman ran on the tready while I paid bills and started more laundry. The boys dropped me off on Sutherland Avenue so I could run and meet them at Tyson Park. I had a surprisingly fast (and accidental) progression run and finished up in time to play, pick up our Clicklist, make brunch at home and then head downtown to see the chalk drawings before they are rained out. We stopped for ice cream at the Phoenix Pharmacy and then back home. Since then, I have finished four loads of laundry (with one more round to finish), prepped/cooked food for the week, cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms, reviewed my schedule for work and life, and cooked dinner.

All of these things can be accomplished because of technology -  it allows us to do more during those two days. Clicklist may be the greatest invention ever. I spend less money because there are fewer impulse buys and I save an hour every weekend by choosing my items (that are already saved in their system) and clicking submit each Saturday evening - all for the low five dollar service charge. Additionally, I used Amazon to order a few supplies and I am getting ready to place an order via Target for a few other items that I prefer to get there. I don't have to leave home and all the things we need will be here by Tuesday at the latest.

As I look ahead to tomorrow, I am hopeful that we are ready for the week. We have food. Workouts are planned. Meetings are set. We're ready for the boys' activities. Laundry is almost completed. Almost.

I'm far from perfect and most days, I question whether or not I'll make it to bedtime alive but I am thankful for the two days to be mommy and catch up with my boys. 

Cheers to Monday and hopefully I'll see you on the roads. 

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Prepping for #CHKM2108 Week

Today is Saturday. I think. My days have been off for over a week and taking off some time last week didn't help my cause.

But, I am pretty sure today is Saturday and this time next week, the Covenant Kids Run will be underway. What the hay??? How did we get here again?

As usual, I have spent the last three months excited, frustrated, ready for race weekend, and ready for race weekend to be over.

Each year presents a new set of challenges. Some years, I have been the KTC ED. Other years, I have been member of the Marathon Organizing Committee with no title. We could make one up...Jack of All Trades Captain. Herds Cats Captain. Puts Out Fires Captain. Or, we could just say I am a volunteer. ;)

All that said, since 2007, I have been the wife of the marathon director for better or worse and until death do us part.

So we are here. Just a week out and I spent most of today prepping for the week and trying to love on the boys as much as possible. When we wake up on Monday, there is no rest for the weary and no breaks for any of us.

Today, I have done:
-Two loads of dishes
-Currently on load 5 of laundry with 3 more to go either tonight or tomorrow -> that includes folding and putting things away
-Written the grocery list
-Gone to the grocery store and put away all the groceries
-Did 45 minutes of yoga
-Played cars
-Made chili
-Cut up carrots, cucumbers, and peeled oranges for the week
-Made green cupcakes with green icing and green sprinkles
-Refereed 1,000,001 fights and probably have a few to go

We still need to eat and I still have research to do for my work next Sunday as the race analyst for CHKM/WBIR. I need to assemble a notebook and make sure I have stats and information ready for live TV.

I *think* we are ready. I have poured a glass of prosecco and we'll eat in just a bit and watch our Vols play basketball.

We have plenty of food for the week and shouldn't have to cook. We should be able to grab and go all week and stay fed without eating fast food. I've looked at the schedule and set aside time every day to workout.

It's going to be a wild one and I'm sure there will be tears and laughter and more memories made for the Altman Family.

See you out there! 

A Little Kindness Please....

I wrote this blog post in my head as I was driving to work and then I spent most of the day scheduling social media for Leadership Knoxville...