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Thanks to My Boys on this Mother's Day Weekend

To my sweet Jackson and Karson,
As Mother’s Day approaches, I want to thank you. Mother's Day is as much about you as it is about me if not more.
The funny reality of this holiday is that your father buys the flowers and gifts and you little humans create a card or keepsake that you may or may not let me have. Karson, you are currently keeping my bracelet and watermelon plant. I hope you'll give them to me soon but if not, the bracelet looks great on you.
Mother’s Day builds a hype that as a mom, I should be pampered and able to rest and be showered with gifts and love on “my” day. The world is silly that way. Your father does an amazing job of making me feel special through the smallest of details every day. And, the two of you are learning from him so I feel good about the future and how you’ll treat me and your future spouses.
I have to admit that in our early days, I thought Mother’s Day would be different. My “Norman Rockwell” didn't match our reality. You didn’t let me …
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My Heart is Full of Gratitude

I've been trying to read all of the social media posts and see all of the pictures from this weekend. There are so many!

Every year, 35-40 key volunteers work for months leading up to race weekend. Then, a week before the race, hundreds of volunteers stuff goody bags. Race weekend needs thousands of volunteers to be successful.

Sometimes the tasks aren't easy and certainly not glamorous but people show up anyway. Over the years, they've stood in the cold and rain and wind and sun and handed out water, biked the course over and over, placed medals around necks, built stanchions and then broke them down, and so many more things that you probably can't imagine.

It's amazing.

And on top of the volunteers, there are all of the participants that choose this race. We had just over 8900 participants. That number reflects people who run in one event or in multiple events. So, some of those people chose not to run just one event but two and maybe three if they ran with their chi…

When TV Makes You Think...

I am a huge fan of NBC's "This Is Us" that airs on Tuesday evenings. It's been a long time since I actually wanted to watch a TV show that isn't on HGTV but this is just one of those amazing shows that you can't wait to watch.

Like many of the episodes, last night had me weeping. Okay - sobbing. Sobbing so much that Altman asked me two or three times if I was okay.

I knew William was dead. I watched that episode too. I knew that they'd be celebrating his life on last night's episode. I knew I would cry.

William was a great character. He was human. He made mistakes but he did good things too. The mailman asked about William because he'd gotten to know him. William actually took time to talk to the mailman.

It's interesting. Last week, I was leaving State Street Garage downtown and when I asked the fellow taking my money if he was having a good day, he responded that he was having a great day. The person exiting in front of me remembered his nam…

Marathon...All Year!

It's marathon season! I don't know why I say that because it's really always marathon season. Long ago, this event became a full-time gig and took on a life of its own. But it's funny because people have this idea that things come together in a few months and that once the race is over on Sunday then we take a two week vacation and relax. Far from it.

The first year of the race, Altman ran the marathon (his 1st) and I ran the 5K. We volunteered the next year and yes, we were able to get back to normal on Monday after the race but we'd been putting in several hours a week as the Training Run Captains since that previous November. We also volunteered many hours during race weekend since I was the Information Captain and Altman was the 5K Captain.

Then Altman was the Co-Race Director and we got our first taste of the full-on commitment of the event. Truthfully, the race wasn't even that big then but boy did we put in some hours. The following year, KTC hired Altma…

Surviving Sick

We're in Day 5 of the Great Strep Outbreak of 2017. I was sick with sinus/allergy/cold for a week and I didn't sleep more than 3 hours any of those nights and when I finally started to feel better....BOOM! Jackson wakes up before 5 am on Friday literally shaking from fever.

It's Tuesday. He's not better. He's been to the doctor twice and we called again this morning because he has a cough so bad I'm afraid his ribs are going to crack. That's normal they say. Call us if it doesn't get better...

It hit Karson yesterday. We thought he was tired. We took him with us to doc just to be safe and yep, he has strep too. Both are on meds but both still have a fever and both are emotionally up and down and all over the place.

There's no doubt that this just sucks. Yes, they'll get better but right now, it just sucks.

This isn't a case when one of us can manage both kids because they both need so much help all the time right now. We're sneaking in w…

A Good Day at Work!

I posted on my Facebook page that my heart is happy and it is. I am always proud of our community but there are some days that are challenging and there are some times when I get bogged down in the "work" part that I forget about the fun stuff and the great support of the folks in our area.

For the month of January, I've been trying not to obnoxiously overwhelm everyone with requests to vote for KTC for a $5000 grant via the Moonshare Program. But, the requests have been there and I've been silently fretting that our sponsored posts and pleas wouldn't be enough to get the votes we needed to win. 
Yesterday, I found out that we were one of the top 12 groups meaning that at some point this year, we'll receive $5000 to use for our youth program.
I don't think it is a secret that KTC has struggled for a few years to build a youth program that reflects our organization and our mission and vision. We've tried a few things and they did okay but finding the b…

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow

I'm a pretty happy gal most of the time. Sometimes, I just get worn down and worn out. I'm there right now and I'd like my normal self back.

We've established that I love my kids and my husband. I really do. With that said, everyone in our family functions so much better when we have a routine and when we aren't together every day for long periods of time with little (if any) break from one another. I'm pretty sure that between the boys, Altman, the three dogs, and the cat that I haven't had one full minute alone in weeks.

Yesterday was special. For the first time since December 22, both children went to school. They went late but they went. Unfortunately, I was out most of the day for meetings but it was a start. Today was similar. Morning meeting then home for lunch then afternoon meeting.

But tomorrow.....

I keep at least one day per week with zero meetings. "No Meeting Monday" is a staple for me. However, school was out on Monday so there may …